Armapol Plastic has been operating in the field of “ Industrial” and “Decorative Luminous Products” by adopting quality service and honest trade as a principle, since 2009. Armapol Plastic takes care of it’s products to be on the line of high quality and appealing to the customer needs and wants. To do that,our company carries out its production processes wiht high technology equipments in Kısıkköy Industrial Estate.

Besides our products that appeal to lots of sector, in our facilities pattern production can be made according to the wants of each customer at relevant costs. Pattern designation process will be carried out by engineers that are highly experienced. Designs will be conceptualized by taking condition of use and esthetic circumstances into account.

Armapol Plastic follows innovations in its own field and searchs new technologies to interprate the things that sees as necessary with its own system and operation. Our technical staff are in operational made other specialized agencies in the sector. Also, they keep themselves up to date and open for improvement by following the fairs of plastic sector.

Armapol Plastic registered its all designed products with industrial design and brands. Our international projects are increasing gradually.

Armapol Plastic aims being among leaders of the sector in Turkey and making its name famous worldwide.